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Title Human Resource Cooperative Education Opportunities
Salary Internship / Bonus Awarded after completion
Location Toronto, North York
Job Information

So much of our Company’s success comes from the dedication and efforts of our Team, and the Human Resources Team helps drive that success.

We work with all Team Members to foster our unique corporate culture- one that is based on our value system, promotes an entrepreneurial spirit and encourages Team Members to grow professionally and personally.

By developing competitive benefits programs, offering training and career development opportunities, and identifying innovative ways to reward Team Members, our HR team works hard to ensure we attract and retain only the best!

We often look for HR Interns to be a participate in our dynamic Team.


To qualify, individuals must demonstrate excellent academic performance in their undergraduate program, sound business acumen, leadership potential, strong work and personal ethics and a team orientation. Superior communication and excellent quantitative skills are also required.

If you feel your skills and experiences are a match for a potential future internship opportunity with Easy Employment, apply to this posting and your information will be available to the Human Resources Recruiting team for consideration.

Role And Responsibilities:

Recruitment Administration

Establishing a strong network of recruiters to develop a constant inflow of good candidates for ongoing recruitment

Establishing a strong recruitment channel by networking with educational institutions and industry associations

Develop connections within the industry to attract experienced and talented candidates

Advice management on hiring practices and keep up to date on latest developments in the field of employee recruitment

Establish relationships with appropriate co-op and internship programs to keep a small group of interns rolling through the various business areas

Identify advertising and promotional channels to reach employees depending on job type

•Design all job advertisements online, print and Company website; manage contracts and budget for the various advertisement and promotional providers for recruitment.

Posting and regularly updating all job advertisements online, print and Company website.

Maintain records of all advertising and recruitment transactions; provide recommendations to management on selection and effectiveness of the various advertising and recruitment promotion options

Preliminary screening and interview of all candidate applications for assessment of skills and qualifications.

Scheduling and arranging second interviews and administering pre-employment tests as required; recommending appropriate pre-employment testing and screening as per industry norms

Conducting background checks and calling references / coaching supervisors in how to call referees

Manage and maintain all templates required for recruitment (offer letter, employment contract etc.)

Gather market intelligence and keep an up to date salary and perks databank used to provide information to supervisors to assist in making competitive recruitment offers

Payroll and Benefits

Provide strategic advice to management on improving or changing the benefits program

Ensure that payroll is processed on time and as per the payroll dates in the employee payroll calendar

Ensure that necessary controls are in place to track any changes occurring to employee payroll details (including a 100% accurate employee paper / digital file).

Provide support in information gathering for yearly salary hikes

Be the owner of (or develop new) templates for forms to make changes to payroll; ensure that appropriate controls are in place to prevent unauthorized changes

•Preparing source documentation needed for new hires, or effective changes in pay, status, or benefits

Responding to questions and issues concerning employee pay, vacation and benefits.

Reviewing timesheets for accuracy and appropriate approvals

Preparing of payroll such as all changes within pay period and provide to Accounting Department for processing.

•Performing employee requests such as employment letters and assistance in benefits claims

•Act as back up for payroll processing if required


•Developing an on-boarding training process suitable to the employees’ job roles

Accountable to ensure that the employee is provided access to computers, printers and facilities and / or vehicles as required for the job role

Assist new employees by helping them identify potential mentors; provide advice to management on setting up the appropriate mentorship relationships

Assist supervisors in developing employee training plans and establishing appropriate training budgets and recommend training programs

Manage existing operational training programs and ensure that new employees receive adequate onboarding assistance

Communication and Conflict Management

Help the organization improve workplace communication.

Act as an arbitrator for employee conflicts and help defuse conflicts.

•Coach employees in building strong professional relationships other employees and even outside the organization.

Identify potential inter personal conflict situations and attempt to resolve conflicts before they happen.

Performance Management and Coaching

Establish a strong performance management program that is aligned to corporate goals.

•Manage the implementation of bi-annual or quarterly performance appraisals.

Provide advice to management on implementation of the latest techniques in performance management and performance appraisal.

Identify opportunities for employee development such as cross training, assigning bright employees to challenging assignments, rotating employees between departments etc.

Provide administrative and coaching support for supervisors in having coaching and performance related conversations with employees.

Ensure that appropriate processes are followed for employee termination.

Act as an arbiter and control point for any disciplinary action being taken.

Assist in developing tools to measure performance.

Administrative Policy creation and management

With guidance from management, create, implement and communicate effective administrative policies related to HR and employee conduct.

Manage and update as required the employee code of conduct manual.

Key Competencies:

Excellent written, oral communication and interpersonal

Customer Service

Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines. Strong time management and organizational skills.

Results- and detail-oriented. Good multi-tasking, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Motivated and self-starter. Able to work independently and as part of a team.

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