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Title CNC Lathe Operator
Location GTA – Vaughan
Job Information

A computer numerical control (CNC) lathe operator is responsible for the operation and maintenance of CNC lathes. The lathe is a very important component of nearly all manufacturing facilities, because it allows for raw materials — such as metal, wood and plastic — to be shaped and turned with extreme precision. A lathe works by rotating a piece of raw material at high speeds while a sharp cutting tool shapes and cuts it down to a desired shape or size. Over the decades, lathes mostly have been manually operated, with the work piece turned through belt drives. Most modern lathes are controlled with a computer, but some work is still required to be carried out by a CNC lathe operator.

Other duties of a CNC lathe machine operator include general maintenance of the machine itself. The operator should be reasonably familiar with the inner components of the lathe, so that he or she can make sure that the lathe is working properly and repair any problems without outside assistance. A CNC lathe operator also must have good hearing, because most lathe operators are required to monitor multiple lathes at once. For this reason, problems are often detected through sound alone.

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